The State Office issued the "notice on clean up and standardize the construction field mar...

Release time:2016-07-11

The State Office issued the "notice on clean up and standardize the construction field margin"
The State Council issued the "notice on clearing up the margin of the project construction field" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), and comprehensively deployed to clean up the work of the project construction area.
The "Circular" pointed out, clean up regulate the construction field margin, promote decentralization, combined with the discharge pipe, service reform, it is necessary to optimization, to reduce the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of the market, is conducive to the credit economy, construction of a unified market, promote fair competition and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of construction industry.
"Notice" from seven aspects, proposed the specific measures to clean up the project construction area margin.
First, a comprehensive clean-up of various types of margin. The construction enterprises in the construction engineering required to pay margin, except in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations set up a bid bond, performance bond, engineering quality guarantee, peasant workers wages margin, margin shall be canceled. For the cancellation of the deposit, from the date of notification issued, shall be stopped.
Two is to change the margin to pay the way. To retain the bid bond, performance bond, project quality margin, peasant workers wage margin, the implementation of the bank guarantee system, construction enterprises can be paid by the bank guarantee.
Three is to return the deposit on time. Cancellation of the margin, all localities should be returned to the relevant enterprises by the end of 2016; on the retention of the deposit, to ensure that the return on time. Failing to return the deposit in accordance with the provisions or the contract, the deposit shall be charged to the construction enterprises shall pay overdue return of liquidated damages.
Four is the strict engineering quality margin management. The upper limit of the margin of the project quality shall not exceed 5% of the total settlement amount of the project. Prior to the completion of the project, the performance bond has been paid, the construction unit shall not set aside the project quality margin.
Five is the implementation of peasant workers wage margin deposit difference method. For a certain period of time within the wage arrears of enterprises, the implementation of relief measures; wages owed to the enterprise, the appropriate increase in deposit ratio.
Six is to regulate the margin management system. To retain the margin, to pay close attention to the relevant laws and regulations to amend and improve the margin management system and specific measures. To cancel the deposit, should pay close attention to the revision or repeal of the provisions of the system and clean up the work requirements inconsistent with the provisions of. At the same time to clean up the margin, through the incorporation of credit system and other means, and gradually establish a new mechanism for supervision and restraint of construction enterprises.
Seven is strictly prohibited new margin items. Without the approval of the State Council, all regions and departments shall not be in any form in the field of engineering construction of new margin items. Comprehensively promote the construction of the field of margin information disclosure, establish a reporting mechanism to investigate and deal with the results, the typical case of exposure to the deposit of illegal deposit.
Notice requirements, the various regions and departments to strengthen organizational leadership, to develop specific programs, strengthen supervision and inspection, and actively and steadily push forward, and earnestly will clean up the work of the field of construction projects in place to clean up. Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of finance to closely track the progress, to strengthen co-ordination, not according to the requirements of cleaning specification and concealed deposit charged situation, serious responsibility to ensure that the clean up and standardize the work to achieve tangible results.

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